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Haro 26T Fusion Megatube Pegs Chrome Pair

Brand: Haro

Code: SK8PG002CP026

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Brand: Haro

A pair of old school BMX pegs screw on, brand new genuine original Haro pegs circa late 80's early 90's, Haro bikes fusion megatube BMX axle extenders in chrome with grooved grip still in original packaging!

These are screw on 26 TPI thread for 3/8" axles (9.53 mm), 26 threads per inch (TPI) is generally for most axle threads except most skyways which are 24 TPI. 1 1/2" (37mm) diameter, 4 1/2" (110mm) long with 3 5/8" tube standing length and weigh 623 grams per pair.

In 1976 Bob Haro began making BMX numberplates from his bedroom, and the rest is history; the true pioneer of BMX freestyle went on to develop Haro bikes and became a true legend.