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Haro 40th Anniversary Bob Haro Freestyler Bike Chrome £200 Deposit

Brand: Haro


Pre-Order Item
Estimated Date Due: December 2022

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Brand: Haro

Limited edition of 800 for the world to celebrate 40 years of the Haro Freestyler being launched in 1982. Put you deposit down now to secure yours - otherwise you'll have to wait till 2032 for the 50th Anniversary model!

You can also pay in full (£2000) HERE

The original Haro Freestyler has been given the Lineage treatment! That is taking the look and feel of the original and updating it with all modern technology and geometry for today's riding. 

100% cro-mo frame fork and handlebar. 
Haro Lineage tubular 3 piece cranks with sealed bottom bracket. 
Haro Fusion DX alloy pedals. 
Sealed bearining Lineage wheels. 
Skinwall snakebelly style tyres.
Oakley B1B grips in red/yellow just like Bob rode BITD. 
Dia-Compe u-brakes. 
Dia-Compe Tech-7 levers.
Haro Lineage top load stem.
Haro Fusion pivotal seat.
Alloy pivotal seatpost.  
Sealed gyro. 
Dia-Compe MX1500N seatclamp. 

Details to follow.

You can also pay in full HERE