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Haro Super Pro Vintage 48H Wheelset Polished

Brand: Haro

Code: 93622-1

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Brand: Haro

•  HARO Vintage Super Pro style wheels front and rear.

•  Large flange sealed hubs.3/8" (10mm) axles front and rear. For screw on 16T or larger freewheel (not included). 

•  Now with POLISHED WELDED (rather than pinned) Lineage rims in 48H. Avoids any chipping or peeling issues associated with chrome rims. 1mm wider than the 1980's originals.

•  Also available in modern Lineage version in 36 or 48H with 14mm axle and 9T driver. 

•  Haro HPF Tyres shown NOT included, but if you do order them we'll fit them to the wheels for you and throw in free innertubes. 

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