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Haro Vintage 1988 Sport Frame and Fork Black/Blue/Chrome

Brand: Haro

Code: HARFR016KB000

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Brand: Haro


You know by now just how good these Haro reissue framesets are, the attention to detail is second to none and this 1988 Sport in Black/Blue/Chrome is no exception. 

•  The Vintage Series Sport Freestyler frame and fork kit is a replica of the 1988 original and uses all ’88 technology.

•  We are reliably informed that this will be the LAST year that Haro will reproduce the Vintage frames, it's the end of the line, so get one while you can. 

•  1 inch threaded fork.

•  American bottom bracket.

•  U-brake rear/caliper front brake fitting. 

•  Haro chrome folding fork standers included.

•  Black/Blue/Chrome.

•  Available in 3 other original colours across the Master and Sport for 2018.

•  We can build this into a custom bike for you to your own specification.