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Hutch Spline Drive Sprocket

Brand: Hutch

Code: HTCSR002BU025

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Brand: Hutch

The Hutch spline-drive micro-gear Sprocket is designed to be used with the spline-drive Aerospeed crank arms on your Trick Star or any other freestyle frame. Also works with most other 48-spline 19mm crank systems. Thicker centre hub area than most other brands, which is engineered to offset both crank arms an equal distance from the centreline of the bike when using the typical left-side cone washer that comes with the mid bottom brackets. Blue anodised finish.

Want to add a splash of colour? The Hutch Sprocket includes mock chain ring holes that allow you to add chain ring bolts. With or without, the Hutch Sprocket has a classic style updated for today in micro-gear sizing!

When assembling with your crank arm, look for a little dimple in the centre steel insert or the engraved tooth size designation, then position that feature with the length of the crank arm. The properly positioned crank arm will hide the engraved tooth size so you can see it when you want to find it, but not visible when you don't. 


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