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Intense Micro Knobby Folding Tyre

Brand: Intense

Code: ITSTY001175

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Brand: Intense


The Intense Micro Knobby is the most innovative tyre in BMX history and has changed the way people think of a BMX race tyre. With more than 5000 knobbys per tyre, they make up a super grippy surface that rolls super fast as the knobs are ramped for fast rolling resistance. The Knobs being tightly spaced and harshly square make this the world's best BMX tyre as it is fast rolling while having great grip on almost any surface on or off the race track. The Micro Knobby kevlar features a lightweight sidewall with foldable kevlar bead, to help keep the weight of the tire down, and more importantly, the total rotational weight of your wheel down, but are thick enough for large riders and hi pressure.The Micro Knobby also features Intense Tyres C3 Homegrown Rubber Compound, which is ideal for riding styles as diverse as wooden ramps, dirt trails, skate parks, and on soft or hard packed dirt. Weight ranges from 198g for the 1-1/8 to 450g for the 2.25.


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