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Kink 2020 Pump 14 Inch Bike Black

Brand: Kink

Code: COKI121-BK5-1450

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Brand: Kink



The 14" wheel size is the perfect bike for those coming off a 12" balance bike when a 16" is to big to able to ride properly; even if they can ride a 16" they won't be able to learn tricks on it unless they are big enough to really throw it around.


An all new model and size for 2020, the Kink Pump 14” bike fills an important roll in their bike line up. Kids are not only getting into BMX at an earlier age, they are also progressing at an even earlier age and for that need a proper fitting bike as they grow. The Pump 14” fits perfectly between 12” and 16” bikes and is built with proportionate geometry and components suited to this age and height rider. Small details like the Mission Micro brake lever are considered carefully to ensure everything is of proper fit and function on this bike.


The Matte Guinness Black colourway is a classic that you really can’t go wrong with, and the reflective strip tires add a fresh look to the bike with the bonus of some added safety. The new 6” rise Panther bars, 14” Lance forks and Pump frame all feature new geometry tailored just for this 14” bike to fit the rider who’s outgrown their 12”. Component wise, the Kink Pump is truly a legit BMX bike with a Mission Function cassette rear hub, Mission Tracker 2.25” tyres, and updated Mission Cease V2 brakes.


Weight: 4.79kg / 10lbs 9oz


Full Specification

Colour: Matte Guinness Black
Toptube: 14.5"
Chainstay: 10.25"
Head tube: 74°
Seat tube: 70°
Standover: 6.5"
BB Height: 8.75"
Frame: 100% Hi-Ten Steel
Fork: Kink Lance Fork