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Kink 2020 Roaster 12 Inch Bike Gloss Machine Red

Brand: Kink

Code: COKI120-RE5-1250

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Brand: Kink



Simply put, the Kink Roaster is designed to be a kid’s first BMX bike. The 12” wheel and frame size make it an easy transition from a balance bike and means kids will feel completely comfortable on their first pedalling bike. Once again, this bike isn’t simply a bike with 12” wheels or merely a miniaturised BMX bike. It factors into account standard BMX geometry, and applies them to a younger child’s size and needs.


The Gloss Machine Red colourway really shines while the bike sports some great components throughout. In addition to the miniaturised 5” Kink Puma CC bars and 12” Kink Lance forks, the Roaster features a coaster brake in lieu of a lever-based brake system, that could be too difficult for some children to use at a young age. The seatstay bridge has been designed to accept a caliper brake or 990 brake plate for those looking to add a lever style brake as well.

Note: Designed for children ages 4 and up. Seat height adjustable from 15.5″-18.5″.


Weight: 7.77kg / 17lbs 2oz


Full specification:

Colour: Gloss Machine Red
Toptube: 12.5"
Chainstay: 9.25"
Head tube: 74°
Seat tube: 70°
Standover: 5.5"
BB Height: 7"
Frame: 100% Hi-Ten Steel
Fork: Kink Lance Fork