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Kis Twist Pivotal Socket Post

Brand: Kis Bike Co

Code: KISSP001WH254

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Brand: Kis Bike Co


• So, we want you to only need one tool in your pocket. The, unsung hero, the 6mm Allen key! With riders who use pegs, this became a bit of a problem.
• We worked on slotted bayonet fixtures and all manner of crazy peg designs and ideas for months until we realised, we really cannot change the function and powerful design of a peg. They take too much abuse to start making them in two parts. So... We did a bit of reverse thinking and developed this idea. The Integrated 17mm Socket set and seat post!
• Basically, you use your 6mm Allen key to take your seat and post out. Your seat and post then become your socket set for your pegs. So simple, so functional, and ideal for road-trips, at home or abroad.
• Black, Purple, Polished or White.