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KMC Z510HX Chain 1/8 Silver

Brand: KMC

Code: KMCCH001SL018

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Brand: KMC

• KMC's new super duty 1/8 chain features bushingless construction, thicker side plates, specially heat treated Bull's-Eye Riveting Pins and new StretchProof material combination.
• Notice the pins. They have a dimple in the middle. AKA Bullseye pins. The pins are stronger, combined with good plates that don't snag, make this a great chain for use on sprockets with guards.
• The bushingless construction reduces weight, allows for a smaller sleeker chain profile and smoother, quieter operation.
• The distinctive Bull's-Eye Riveting Pin provides the highest level of Pin Power and tensile strength.
• Stretch Proof format combines premium plate materials and superior heat treatment for unsurpassed durability.
• The Z510HX is made for BMX bikes with 1/8 sprockets.
• Heavier duty than the Z410, great for street riding.

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