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Madera Gulf Coaster Freecoaster Rear Hub Black

Brand: Madera


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Brand: Madera


Introducing the Madera Gulf Coaster - made in USA by Profile Racing and using the patented Z-Coaster techology but in a simplified shell with less options for way less money!

Simplified design and limited options allow for a more affordable, yet still high quality Z-style coaster. This style coaster allows you to engage and disengage the cassette within and thus have a more durable and consistent hub.

The hub is available now in a complete wheel or on its own. It comes ONLY in black with a 14mm solid axle, 90 degree (1/4 crank) slack ring, and a 9t (1/8″) chromo driver.

RHD /36H only The hub weighs 624 grams/24.5 ounces and works with various Madera and Profile hub guards.

Available as a wheelbuild from us.