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Mini Logo 1 Skateboard Trucks 7.63" Raw

Brand: Mini Logo

Code: MIN-SKT-0010

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Brand: Mini Logo

Mini Logo high-performance trucks combine strength, stability and smooth turning all in a lightweight design through the use of premium alloys, high-rebound bushings and precision axles. The MID riding height combines all the best performance aspects of a LOW (best for technical street skating) and HIGH height truck (best for big transition skating) into one bomb-proof package. Developed at Skate One Corp for over 5 years, the shape, materials and finishes have all been refined to make them perfect for MILITANT skaters right from the first grind.

No Break In Needed! TURN and GRIND smoothly right out of the package!
Mid riding height for the best performance on any terrain you choose to skate
Precision, 8mm axles with a slightly curved hanger designed to lock you into grinds
Ultra High Rebound URETHANE bushings for smooth, precise control
Lightweight hanger and baseplate
Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects

7.13” Trucks (with Soft Bushings) - fit 7.0” to 7.5” skateboards
7.63" Trucks (with Soft Bushings) - fit 7.5" to 7.88" skateboards
8.0" Trucks (with Medium Bushings) - fit 7.88" to 8.25" skateboards
8.38" Trucks (with Medium Bushings) - fit 8.25 to 8.75" skateboards
8.75" Trucks (with Medium Bushings) - 8.5" and larger skateboards

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