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Mirage MX-4 Sealed 1 Inch Alloy Headset

Brand: Mirage

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Brand: Mirage

Mirage BMX products are back. This 1980's brand was famous for it's clear number plates, powerdiscs and Crossbars. Quality and innovation are still benchmarks this time around with an initial range that will comprise of handlebars, stems, seat clamps, seat posts, chainrings, chains, chainring bolts, brake cables and cranks - good enough for any Old School build. 

•  A Mirage exclusive, designed in the UK and manufactured to the highest standards. 
•  All the looks of a classic 1980's threaded headset but with modern integrated cartridge bearings top and bottom for superior performance and smoothness. 
•  Same spec dimensions as Tange MX-2. 32.7mm cup OD. 
•  26.4mm crown race, if your fork needs larger, this is quite easy to file out make fit your forks. 
•  Comes with colour matched 1" Ahead spacers in 2.5 and 5mm in case you have a longer steerer tube on your forks. 
•  Bottom cup is grooved with MX-4 foil sticker. 
•  Anodised Black, Blue, Gold, Red or Silver. 
•  Mirage laser etched top nut. 
•  Custom box design.