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Mongoose 1981 Motomag Bike Yellow / Black

Brand: Mongoose


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Brand: Mongoose

1981 made Motomag frame with correct matching Tange TX1200 fork. Freshly powdercoated gloss yellow frame and fork with new stickers applied, the original bars have been powdercoated satin black and they match with the original Ashtabula gooseneck stem. 

All assembled in-house all new parts here by our expert mechanic Adam. The new - now sold out - Motomag wheels take pride of place on this build. Dia-Compe brakes front and rear along with a hand-picked selection of parts ensure that bike will turn heads!

Mongoose was such an important brand in BMX, especially here in the UK - they were the very first "real" BMX bikes we had here back in 1980 (I had a Supergoose myself back then). 

Full build list:

Mongoose Motomag frame 1981. Powder coated yellow with new stickers.

Correct Mongoose by Tange TX-1200 pinched end forks powder coated gloss yellow. New stickers. 

Mongoose original bars to match the stem. Powder coated satin black.  

Ashtabula gooseneck single stem. Original finish. 

Stem pad for above (repro). 

A'ME full waffle grips. We chose these because they suit the late-70's style more than Rounds or Tri's.

Dia-Compe MX-890 brake calipers. 

Dia-Compe Tech-II brake levers. 

Dia-Compe brake cables. 

Dia-Compe cable clips. 

Salt one-piece cro-mo crank. 170mm. 

MKS BM-7 pedals. Made in Japan.

Oxford one piece loose ball bottom bracket. 

Snowflake style Whitefield one piece chrome front sprocket, NOS. 44T.  

KMC chain. 

Mongoose Motomag III wheels. Sealed bearings. 

16T chrome freewheel. 

Nutrak 2.0" tyres. 

Kenda inner tubes. 

Whitefield NOS Aero seat. 

Alloy fluted setapost. 

SunTour style seat clamp. 

Any questions? Give us a call on 01942 826598.