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ODI Subliminal Grips

Brand: ODI

Code: ODIGR005PR000

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Code: ODIGR005BK000

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Brand: ODI

It may comes as news to you but ODI make other grips as well as the Longneck! The new “Subliminal” grip provides exceptional comfort and control with minimal weight. It features thousands of small fingers that collapse when gripped to provide excellent shock absorption. They also offer a seemingly endless network of pathways to channel away water or debris and provide an excellent surface for gripping. They are constructed from exclusive proprietary TPR compound which provides a soft feel and excellent shock absorption without sacrificing the durability of the grip.

• Grips feature a hidden logo on either side of the grip.
• Small fingers cushion hands and provide an excellent gripping surface.
• Style: Single-Ply.
• Length: 143mm.
• Weight: 70g (pair).
• Flange: Full Flange.
• Material: TPR.
• End Plugs: Thug Plugs Included.

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