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Odyssey Aerospace Rim

Brand: Odyssey

Code: W-199-HBK

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Brand: Odyssey

The Odyssey AEROSPACE features an “aero”, or “V-shaped” cross-section, which creates a unique structural design. Made from 6000 series aluminum, it’s both easy to manufacture, incredibly durable and allows us to create a rim that’s strong, light and affordable. Thick inner sidewalls, and a lowered centre wall section provide more room when installing or removing tyres, and running brakes isn’t an issue. The Aerospace uses a traditional lacing pattern, just like the HAZARD LITE, SEVEN K-A and QUADRANT.

• Precision welded joint.

• 6000 series aluminum.

• 34mm wide.

• 23mm tall.

• 380 ERD.

• 36H.

• 434 grams (15.3oz).


• Midnight Blue, July 2012

• Metallic Silver, 2012

• Deep Purple, April 2012