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Odyssey Antigram Cassette Hub 9T

Brand: Odyssey

Code: ODYHU007BK014

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Brand: Odyssey


Available as a wheel build - just select your rim, hub and any spoke length and we'll build it for free when all parts purchased at the same time.


The Antigram is Odyssey's new premium hub. This hub uses G-Sport internals which makes it durable, while still being light weight at 390 grams. 


• 2014 Aluminum construction. 

• Features a strong in-bound 14mm axle. 

• LHD & RHD compatible using the G-Sport Ratchet driver mechanism. 

• 9t driver only. 

• Utilizing G-Sport female bolts. 

• 3/8" (10mm) female bolts with 14mm axle adapters supplied.

• 36 hole.