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Odyssey Hazard Lite Custom Wheelset

Brand: Odyssey


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Brand: Odyssey

Custom wheelset built here in house by our machanic Adam. 

Odyssey Hazard Lite rims.
A long running standard, the Hazard Lite is revered because of its strength, light weight and affordable price. Constantly imitated but never matched in quality or reliability, the Hazard Lite is used regularly by pro level riders even the ones that are being paid to ride something else. 
Limited edition purple. 

G-Sport Roloway Front Hub
Limited edition Oil Slick colourway in the G-sport Roloway hub. A precision sealed front hub with 3/8” in-bound axle bolts and two removable plastic hub guards. An oversized axle, bearing configuration and 7075-T6 aluminium shell is used for unmatched durability.

Proper Select Freecoaster Hub 
Male 14mm axle. 9T driver. Right Hand Drive.
Neo chrome (oil slick) finish. 

Halo black spokes.