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Odyssey RHD Driver

Brand: Odyssey

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Brand: Odyssey


• Fits all versions of Odyssey's Hazard cassette.
• Left or Right hand drive.

• 9-13T. 


About 9T drivers, From


Why did it take so long? Well, as I’m sure you already know, 9-T drivers seem to love eating through cartridge bearings and chains of every type. Now when it came to the driver, we didn’t want to produce anything smaller than a 10-T until we could improve on the life of the bearings for you. Our new 9-T driver uses a scaled-down needle bearing and bushing configuration similar to the one found on the G-Sport Ratchet hub. We’ve made the 9-T drivers at a new shop that allows us to achieve tighter tolerances, and therefore also lets us maintain a higher level of concentric precision on the pawl turrets. This ensures that all three pawls are engaging at the same time, improving reliability, and allowing for a smoother overall drivetrain.


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