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Ogio ONU 29 Wheeled Travel Bag

Brand: Ogio

Code: UOB9401

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Code: UOB9402

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Brand: Ogio

  • The ONU-29 Travel Bag features OGIO's signature focus on quality, space and organisation
  • Its durability is showcased in the solid structure and attention to detail. For a check-in bag that can fit it all and fit into your style, the ONU 29 is your bag
  • Features
  • Multiple grab handles
  • Internal suit strap
  • Interior mesh divider
  • Interior compression strap
  • 2.5 inch expansion zipper
  • Retractable Pullman handle
  • Two large external pockets
  • >Specs
  • Dimensions 73.5 H x 40.5 W x 33 D cm
  • Weight 4.8 kgs
  • Capacity 95 litres