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Powell Peralta Flight Deck Flight Ripper 280 Blue/Black/Red 9.7"

Brand: Powell Peralta

Code: POW-SKD-0551

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Brand: Powell Peralta

Arguably the most iconic skateboard graphic of all time, "The Ripper" was illustrated in 1983 by legendary Powell-Peralta artist Vernon Courtlandt Johnson. Originally the graphic was used as a "Bones Sold Here" dealer window sticker. Next, the artwork found it's way onto t-shirts and eventually decks. The Ripper graphic has stood the test of time and has been a staple of the Powell-Peralta line for over 30 years.

About Powell Peralta Flight® Decks
Powell Peralta® decks are made in the USA at our skateboard manufacturing facility in Santa Barbara, CA. Materials include U.S. hard rock maple, high strength fiberglass, AirLam fused with epoxy resin and are warranted against delamination for their useful life. Our graphics are created in-house using non-solvent based inks and paints to keep our atmosphere cleaner. 

Deck Shape: 280

Deck Construction: FLIGHT™

Deck Concave: K15

Deck Wheelbase: 15.38"

Deck Length: 31.32"

Deck Width: 9.7"

Deck Nose: 5.05"

Deck Tail: 6.7"