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Powell Peralta Reissue Skateboard Deck O.G. Bug Green 9.85"

Brand: Powell Peralta

Code: POW-SKD-0510

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Brand: Powell Peralta

The Roach (or Bug) graphic was originally designed by VCJ in 1987 and offered to Mike Vallely for his first pro model. Mike rejected the idea and wanted an elephant instead. So, it became a "non-pro" generic deck.

Deck Shape: 284

Deck Concave: SP3

Deck Wheelbase: 15.38"

Deck Length: 29.6"

Deck Width: 9.85"

Deck Nose: 3.21"

Deck Tail: 6.02"


Great Re-Issue Review by Vickie

There has been some discussion about the color of this deck. I think the greenish/lime of the final product is better than the first promo color. Awesome skateboard. (Posted on 9/28/2018)

Bug Re-issue Review by Mark Alvarez


Classic must have re-issue for the avid deck collector. Perfect for the street or wall art. Get them while they last...

(Posted on 9/11/2018)

Nice bug not same colour as photo Review by Gavin


This is a really cool deck but actual deck is much darker than in photo and not the same lime green as the original deck was. (Posted on 9/7/2018)

Sweet bug! Review by Ryan


Possibly the first Bug reissue ever, and in bright green! So awesome! A must have for any collector! (Posted on 7/10/2018)