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Powell Peralta Reissue Skateboard Deck Welinder Nordic Skull Hot Pink 9.625"

Brand: Powell Peralta

Code: POW-SKD-0571

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Brand: Powell Peralta

The Per Welinder Viking Skull was illustrated by V.C. Johnson in 1984. The fanged fantasy graphic was meant to reflect Per's Swedish origins. It was initially assigned to his freestyle model without the rock texture background, which was added in an updated version in 1986. In 1987 the new full-length graphic was adapted for a street model as Per began performing freestyle / street demos. The eighth century Runic stone lettering spells out Per's name as well as the background quote, "Search and strive, push beyond with strength, yours not theirs, that is the key." Something Per came up with. The graphic was also used for T-shirts and stickers.

Originally Released: 1984

Artwork by: Vernon Courtlandt Johnson

Features: Long 4 - 2.5" old school truck hole pattern

Brand Powell-Peralta

Deck Shape 193

Deck Concave K15

Deck Wheelbase 14.875"

Deck Length 29.75"

Deck Width 9.625"

Deck Nose 4.06"

Deck Tail 6.625"