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Powell Peralta Vallely Baby Elephant 8.0" Red Cruiser Complete Skateboard

Brand: Powell Peralta

Code: POW-COM-0368

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Brand: Powell Peralta

What a great concept, Powell have takem the iconic Mike Vallely Elephant graphic and applied to an 8" x 26" Cruiser board with big (59mm) soft (80a) wheels perfect for getting around town on and looking RAD. 

A complete skateboard assembly that’s ready to roll out of the box. Powell Mini’s are scaled down versions of classic Powell Peralta decks. Perfect for the beginner, yet offers durable, quality components that even an accomplished skater would love.

  • Seven plies of quality birch veneer, cold-fused together using high-impulse, water-resistant glue in Skate One’s proprietary AirLam™ presses. Ensures maximum “pop” and durability.
  • High rebound, translucent urethane wheels. Perfect height, width and hardness to provide a smooth ride.
  • High quality aluminum baseplate and hangar. Hardened steel kingpin and axle. Soft bushings to ease in turning. Slimmed baseplate = less weight.
  • Mini Logo Skate Rated™ bearings. High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed. Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction.

Blended silicon carbide grit optimizes grip anddurability, grips well in all weather conditions.