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Premium 1948 Crank with Spline Drive Sprocket Combo Black

Brand: Premium

Code: PRECR001BK025

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Code: PRECR001BK028

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Brand: Premium


Amazing value deal this - 48-spline pro Premium cranks which are easily worth this price on their own - but that's not all! - you get a spline drive Premoum sprocket as well. A no-brainer if you need new cranks, want to upgrade from the stock 8-spline cranks on your bike or want to change to a spline drive set-up, available with choice of 25 or 28T sprocket.


• Heat-treated 48-spline cranks.

• 175mm Crank Arms

• Left or Right hand drive.

• Hollow spindle (Profile compatible).

• Chromoly arms w/ CNC-machined sprocket interface.

• 19mm spindle.

• 1.14lbs.

• 25 or 28T spline drive sprocket (choose 28T if you want more speed for big stuff).
• Sealed Mid bottom included (value £22).