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Profile Racing Gyrolite 2 50th Anniversary Hubset Gold

Brand: Profile

Code: PROHB017GL000

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Brand: Profile


Re-release of the Profile Racing Gyrolite II Freewheel Hubs circa 1983.

Product Highlights:

•  Hub shell CNC machined from 2024 Aluminum.

•  Solid 3/8 chromo axle with threaded locking collars.

•  2 Sealed bearings in each hub.

•  New version has 9 holes drilled into the shell as opposed to 8 on the original.

•  36h only. -Sold as a set only

•  Extra stickers and axle nuts included 50 total sets available

•  Colour: GOLD anodised

•  Weight: 636g/22.26 oz (front & rear hubs together)

•  We can build these into a wheel for you

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