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Profile Mini 10mm Front Build Your Own Hub

Brand: Profile

Code: PROCP003BK000

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Brand: Profile

The Mini BMX Race Hub is the mini version of Profile Racing’s legendary BMX Race Hub. It has the same attention to quality, detail machining and product integrity that Profile Racing’s full-size Race hub has. The only difference between the two is the weight savings. Profile Racing’s Mini BMX Race Hub weighs only 8.1 oz.  

The Mini BMX Race Hub features:

•  Low flange hub design.

•  36H (and now in 28 Hole as well!).

•  3-piece 10mm axle with a choice of cro-mo steel (for street use) or aluminum centre for dramatic weight savings (for race use).

•  Equal strength to regular Profile Racing’s Regular Front Hub.

•  Choice of axle bolt style. 

•  Hubguard option.