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Profile Racing / Fly Bikes Custom RHD Wheelset Black

Brand: Profile Racing

Code: ALACW190BK000

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Brand: Profile Racing

Alans BMX custom Pro-level wheelset built using Profile Mini and Fly Bikes Lunar rims. Decent solid build for a bit of Street and Park. Hub guards available separately.

Hubs: Profile Mini Front 10mm Female with Volcano bolts and alloy axle Black. Profile Mini RHD rear with 9t driver, 14mm GDH axle Black
• Made in USA.
• High/low flange rear cassette.
• 36 hole.
• 4 pawl engagement mechanism with CNC machined driver.

Rims: Fly Lunar Rims Black
•  Material: 6061 T6 Alloy
•  Width: 34mm.
•  Height: 19mm.
•  Weight: 517 g / 18.2 oz (rim strip included)

Spokes: Halo Straight Gauge Spokes Black with Black Nipples