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Promax P-1 V Brake 108mm Gold

Brand: Promax

Code: PXVB002GLD

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Brand: Promax

Available in two arm lengths, both the long 108-millimetre and short 85-millimetre P-1 brake arms are cold forged from 6061-T 6aluminum.
Cold forging produces the strongest,lightest weight and mostdurable bicycle parts.Both sizes feature 35 millimeters of vertical brakepad adjustment about 30 percent more adjustability than most linear-pullbrakes.
P-1 brakes have aunique look that results in a design that is lightweight yet provides maximum braking power.Included are new, proprietary, two-tone, dual compound, B-2 Air Flow, one piece brake shoes developed by Promax specifically for the P-1 brakes.
Available in anodized red, blue, gold and matte blackwith laser-etched graphics and all-black, all-metal hardware.