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Proper Bike Co Universal Rear Hubguard

Brand: Proper

Code: PRPHG003BK000

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Brand: Proper

•  Run pegs? Then you need a hubguard to protect your hub. A hubguard protects your hub and spokes from grind damage and help to maintain a consistent grind, especially over kinks.

•  Proper rear hubguards are CNC’d from Ultramid® nylon and are reinforced with a heat-treated 4140 chromoly inner for additional protection. Our guard replaces your non-drive side cone nut (all hardwear supplied) so there is no need to spread your drop outs.

•  This guard will fit all nearly all known hubs including most unbranded hubs that come on complete bikes.
•  It does NOT fit female hubs with a 17mm axle and 14mm bolts (i.e. GSport Ratchet, Odyssey Antigram & BSD Backstreet Pro).


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