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Proper Tecmatik Frame Painted Blue

Brand: Proper

Code: PRPFR006BU207

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Brand: Proper

This frame was designed with three main objectives; to be strong, responsive, and affordable. There’s no compromise on quality but we’ve managed to keep the price reasonable by keeping what we call “vanity features” to a minimum. There’s no laser cut headtube logo, no gusset stamp, no fancy finish, and no investment casting or hydro forming, no signature pro to pay…..even the box packaging is recycled card. What you do get is finest quality construction, twin headtube gussets, and a short rear end designed for more technical riding. Virtually all our team riders wanted a similarly specced frame, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see this frame easily cope with the harshest riding.

•  20.7, or 21″ top tube

•  11.6” bb height

•  13.38” cs length (13.05” slammed)

•  71 degree seat tube

•  75 degree 115mm head tube

•  8.9” Standover

•  Clearance for 28t sprocket

•  Twin Laser cut headtube gussets

•  5mm thick heat treated dropouts with 14mm slots

•  Curved tube braces on chain and seat stays

•  Tapered chain and seat stays

•  Tapered Mid BB

•  Integrated seat clamp

•  Removable seatstay brake mounts (not included)

•  Removable gyro tabs (not included)

•  Weight: 2.2kg (4 lbs 13 oz)


•  ED Black

•  Blue Painted


•  4 lbs 13 oz


•  20.7, or 21″ top tube

•  11.6” bb height,13.38” cs length (13.05” slammed),71 degree seat tube,75 degree 115mm head tube,8.9” Standover

•  Curved chain and seat stay braces

•  Twin laser cut gusset


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