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Radio Nemesis Frame Black

Brand: Radio

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Brand: Radio

Our Nemesis frame is built to last and take a serious beating. This fully heat-treated chromo frame features super thick 6mm thick CNC machined dropouts and super short 12.7″ chainstay and steeper 75.5 degree headtube angle, giving you a responsive and agile feeling steed.

The Nemesis uses straight gauge tubing for extra dent resistance, and a taller 125mm headtube to eliminate the need for spacers under your stem. Put through all kinds of hell by Kai Schulte and Levi Weidmann, the Nemesis is one tough steed built for absolutely anything, street, park even dirt!
Includes lifetime guarantee.

Material butted and pg seamless 4130 crmo tubing for extra dent resistance
Top Tube Length 20.75″ & 21″
Chainstay Length 12.7″-13.3″
Standover Height 9.25″
Head Tube Angle 75.5°
Seat Tube Angle 71°
Headtube Size 125mm tall, CNC machined and heat-treated, int. h/set, holes for gyro tabs
Bottom Bracket Height 11.75″
Bottom Bracket Size Mid, 74mm wide
Dropouts CNC machined 6mm thick and heat treated
Features super tough frame with modern, technical geometry, extra thick tubing to resist denting, 125mm tall headtube to reduce the need for stem spacers.
Weight 5.2lbs (21″)
NEW Pivot-3 removable brake mount system
PLEASE NOTE brake hardware and mounts available separately

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