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Raleigh Mk 2 Burner Team with Skyway Tuff Wheels

Brand: Raleigh

Code: ALABK212WH000

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Brand: Raleigh

Please note: Although this bike may show out of stock we are non-stop building these Burners so will be likely have one coming up soon. Contact us to discuss.

Another classic, The Raleigh Burner, this is our new standard build featuring Skyway Tuff wheels and Kashimax Aero seat on a freshly painted and stickered frameset.

  • Original 80's MK2 Burner Frame and Fork, freshly repainted and restickered
  • VP Headset
  • YST Bottom Bracket
  • Mirage Power Stem
  • CW-style Pro handlebars
  • Skyway Tuff Mags White with 16T freewheel
  • Kool Stop White Brake Pads
  • Dia-Compe MX890 brakes Blue
  • Dia-Compe Tech 3 Levers Blue
  • Mirage Brake Cables Blue
  • Darxide One Piece Cro-mo Crank 170mm
  • MKS Grafight-XX Pedals
  • Mirage Blue/Silver Chain
  • Tioga 130 BCD Spider original NOS 1980's
  • Silver 130 BCD Chainring
  • Mirage alloy chainring bolts Blue
  • Dia-Compe MX1500 Hinged Seatclamp Blue
  • Kashimax Aero Seat Blue
  • Darxide Chrome 14" Seatpost
  • Chrome Seat Guts
  • Raleigh White Wall tyres 1.75. Tioga skinwall Comp III tyre option (extra)
  • ODI Mushroom Grips Blue

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