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Raleigh Mk2 Burner Team Custom Bike White/Blue

Brand: Raleigh

Code: ALABK151WB000

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Brand: Raleigh


We started out with an original Raleigh Burner Mk2 frame and fork, had it professionally sprayed with replica stickers then added all brand new parts.

• Original professionally repainted and restickered Mk2 Raleigh Burner frame, fork. 

• Arcane Precision bars. Chrome. 9.5" rise, taller than the originals, making the bike much more comfortable to ride for adults.

• ODI Mushroom grips. Blue.

• Darxide Stem.

• Skyway Tuff Wheels with sealed bearings. White.

• Dicta 16T freewheel.

• Tioga Comp III tyres. 1.75/2.125.

• Kenda inner tubes.

• Dia-Compe MX-890 brake front and rear. Blue.

• Dia-Compe Tech-III levers. Blue.

• Powerglide brake cables. Blue.

• Darxide one piece cranks. 170mm.

• Takagi cro-mo OG spider. Chrome.

• Chainring 44T. Silver.

• Mirage alloy chainring bolts. Blue.

• Mirage Classic chain. Blue/silver.

• MKS Grafight XX pedals. Black.

• Kashimax Aero seat. Blue.

• Darxide seatpost. Chrome.

• Dia-Compe MX-1500 seatclamp. Blue.