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Robinson 1980-1984 Complete Frame Sticker Set NOS

Brand: Robinson

Code: ROBSK00100000

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Brand: Robinson

•  From our archive, we have a few original Robinson stickers available.

•  These are NOS from when we were the UK Robinson importer and I believe these are correct for all Robinson frames from 1980 to 1984. 

•  Condition is pretty good and they still have glue on the vinyl, but may need help with adhesive. A few have some creases and small knicks in them but again these are 40 year old stickers.

•  If you need them them to be perfect we suggest you buy some reproduction ones that are out there.   


Set includes:

•  5x "Small R's" go on the bottom of your forks on the side and also either side of your seat tube and one of the back of your handlebars.

•  2x "Medium R's" are used on the gusset.

•  1x  "Large R" is for the headtube.

•  4x "11cm" sticker is for the down tube (2) and the front of the forks (2).