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Robinson 1999 Ruckus Bike Black

Brand: Robinson

Code: RUCKUS-270122

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Brand: Robinson

Last year of Robinson, when dirt jumping was all the rage, Robinson, by then fully part of GT, came up with the iconic Ruckus complete bike. On this project we started out with an original frame fork and handlebar which we had powdercoated the correct Satin Black finish, thenm found an NOS decal kit in the States for it. Then Adam here assembled it with all new parts, this is essentially a brand new bike. 

1999 Robinson Ruckus frame & fork, freshly powder coated. Genuine sticker set applied. 

Robinson Ruckus handlebars, again freshly powder coated. 

Dia-Compe SAS Headset 1 1/8" Black.

GT Super Soft grips. Black. 

SE Racing Narler top load stem. Black. 

Dia-Compe AD-990 brake. Black. 

Dia-Compe Tech 77 lever. Black. 

Firma 170mm cro-mo crank.

D20 Sealed USA bottom bracket. Black.

KMC chain. Black. 

Wellgo alloy platform pedals. Black. 

Diamond Back 48H wheels. Black. 

4-Jeri 16T freewheel. 

Maxxis Holy Roller tyres 1.95"/2.125".

Kenda innertubes. 

Shadow Conspiracy Trey Jones railed seat based on the original GT "drop nose seat". 

Alloy Micro adjust seatpost. Black. 

Black QR seat clamp. 

Profile Racing Imperial sprocket. Black. 

PLEASE NOTE: All our old/mid school bikes built for collectors and crusing around on/ride outs, they are not designed for track or freestyle use. Haro's Lineage series and the GT Heritage Pro Performer bikes are the ones to go for if you plan on doing some serious BMXing. If you have any questions about this, please ask.