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Robinson c1995 Custom Bike Black

Brand: Robinson

Code: ROBBLACK1995

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Brand: Robinson

Custom built Robinson from circa 1995. Rare, as this has a canti brake system and threaded fork which we believe was one-year only. They made an SST, MX and Pro/Team which are very difficult to identify as apart from material they looked similar. This bike is stickered as a Team model as they were the stickers we could get for it and we used higher end parts like the GT three piece cranks. All assembled by our mechanic. Super pleased how this came out. 

Robinson frame and fork. Frame has been freshly powder coated gloss black. Forks are original chrome, but they do have a dent on the left leg, please see photo. Stickers are new. 

Tange MX-2 headset. 

Nitto MX-2 stem, made in Japan. 

Arcane Tremelo bars, 9.5" x 29" wide. 100% cro-mo. We like these bars because of their size it makes the bike that much more ridable, it is a shame that they don't make them anymore. 

ODI Longneck Closed End grips. These are what would have been used mid-90's. 

Dia-Compe MX-2 brake lever. 

Dia-Compe DC-988 canti brakes. 

Shadow Conspiracy Trey Jones railed "drop nose" seat. A replica of the legendary GT drop-nosed seat of this era. 

Nitto layback seatpost. 

Dia-Compe MX-1500 hinged seat clamp. 

GT Power Series cro-mo cranks. 175mm. 48 spline. 

Profile Racing alloy spider. 

Profile Racing alloy chainring. 

ID chainring bolts. 

Savage sealed bottom bracket. 

DIamond Back by Raleigh alloy 36H wheels front and rear. 

Tioga Compe III skinwall tyres, 1.75"/2.125".

4-Jeri chrome 16T freewheel. 

KMC chain.  

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