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S&M Bikes X Alans BMX 40 Years Layback Seatpost

Brand: S&M Bikes


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Brand: S&M Bikes

We're stoked that S&M made us these Limited Edition USA-made layback seatposts. 22.2mm for Oldschool frames, 25.4mm for modern street frames. One-off delivery - grab one while you can!

Only available from Alans BMX. 

To celebrate 40 Years Alans BMX have teamed up with the best brand in BMX - S&M of course! We have a had a total of just 40 frames made, all handbuilt in California of course, across the S&M range, from Street to Race. They come in this unique Trans Teal/Gold/Teal colourway. Each frame is numbered #1 to #40. 

See our full blog post here.

• Limited edition. 

• 81 x produced (representing 1981)

• 34 x 25.4mm produced (just a random number!)

• Chrome plated

• Made in USA

• Roll marked ALANS40

• Material: 4130 CrMO

• 16" long


The entire Alans BMX X S&M 40 Years collection comprises:
Enduro V2 stem
Redneck Shafted stem
OG forks
Gen 1 Pitchforks
Layback seatpost (22.2 and 25.4mm)
S&M V-bars
40 frames across the S&M range (ATF 20", ATF 22", Steel Panther 20", Steel Panther 24" & Dagger). 

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