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S&M Bikes Challenger Reissue Frame Kit

Brand: S&M Bikes

Code: FRSM49CH

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Brand: S&M Bikes

Whoa! S&M reissue a Limited Edition of the classic Challenger frame, made in USA of course! There will be a TINY amount of these headed to the UK so grab a piece of S&M history wheile you can. If you need help doing a build on one these we can do it!

Available in chrome, red or yellow, 21" toptube with American size bottom shell bracket and 1" headtube. 

Kit comprises:

S&M Challanger Frame in Chrome, Red or Yellow. 21” TT only.

S&M 1" threaded fork. Chrome. 


Seat clamp.

Colours: Red, Yellow or Chrome.

74.5 HT, 11.6” BB, 9.25” Stand Over, 14.25” Chain Stay, 3/8 Dropouts, 1” Head Tube, USA BB, Compatible with Caliper Brakes.

Match this up with our S&M x Alans BMX V-bars or Slam Bars and shafted Redneck stem and you can build one killer bike!