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Salt Plus Vertex Freecoaster Hub Black

Brand: Salt Plus

Code: SAPHUB03

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Code: SAPHUB04

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Brand: Salt Plus

Material: alloy hub shell, crmo 14mm hollow axle
Size: 14mm hollow axle, RSD or LSD
Spoke holes: 36 holes
Bearings: 2 high-quality bearing and bushing driver, high-performance durable hub shell bearings

Colors: black, oil slick, tie dye
Driver: 9t one piece driver, x2 bearings and polymer bushing
Features: long lasting smooth clutch style mechanism with larger slack setting and unique x3 point engagement system for easier crankflips, includes Saltplus PRO Nylon hub guard, available in RSD or LSD, adjustable slack (washers included)

Weight: 671g (23.6oz)