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SE Racing 2020 STR-1 20" Quadangle Bike Baby Blue

Brand: SE Bikes

Code: SESTR12020

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Brand: SE Bikes

The legendary STR-1 Stu Thomsen Quadangle is back as a limited edition for 2020.

Watch the video below to see Todd Lyons talk about this bike at it's launch.

It was bound to happen. After 40+ years of anticipation, we have recreated Stu Thomsen’s original signature bike, the STR-1 Quadangle. Stu raced his STR-1 to the ABA National #1 Pro title in 1979. The Stu Thomsen Replica-1 frame has a unique design with both double down tubes wrapping underneath the bottom bracket shell and continuing around the looptail rear end and all the way back, ending at the seat tube. Less than ten STR-1 bikes were produced in the 70’s, making this the most sought-after bike of all time in the vintage BMX world. But now after 40 years, the STR-1 is making its return to the SE line. Dreams do come true.  “We Make It Happen.”

Key Features

  • Stu Thomsen replica Cr-Mo frame with STR-1-inspired double downtube wrap beneath the bottom bracket, looptail rear end, limited edition and individually numbered. LONG 21.7" toptube - so you can actually ride it!
  • Full Cr-Mo Cowboy Cut forks
  • Kashimax RS x SE Racing collab seat, made in Japan
  • Tange DX4 aluminum headset
  • Cr-Mo Power Wing bars
  • Double-wall rims with sealed bearing SE Mohawk hubs
  • SE TSC 180mm cranks with sealed BB and 44T chainring
  • Stu Thomsen Signature ODI Mushroom II grips with Stu Thomsen donuts
  • Tange DX4 aluminum headset
  • Vintage STR padset
  • Custom Stu Thomsen STR-1 sticker sheet
  • 25.9 pounds

Baby Blue frame with chrome forks and bars. 

Individually numbered 001 etc. 

Long 21.7" toptube - so you can actually ride it! 

Modern tech - 1 1/8" threadless forks, V-brakes. 

Carlisle Aggressor-style tyres. 

Kashimax SE Racing custom seat. 

ODI Stu Thomsen signature ODI grips. 

Black/tan pad set.

Signed Stu Thomsen trading card. 

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