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SE Racing 2020 STR-1 20" Quadangle Bike Baby Blue

Brand: SE Bikes

Code: SESTR12020

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Brand: SE Bikes

The legendary STR-1 Stu Thomsen Quadangle is back as a limited edition for 2020. VERY limited numbers coming to the UK, last year the Perry Kramer PK Ripper sold out on Pre-order before we got the bikes. These are ALMOST sold out so get one while you can. 

Coming late Summer 2020 (exact date TBA). 

Watch the video below to see Todd Lyons talk about this bike at it's launch.

Baby Blue frame with chrome forks and bars. 

Individually numbered 001 etc. 

Long 21.7" toptube - so you can actually ride it! 

Modern tech - 1 1/8" threadless forks, V-brakes. 

Carlisle Aggressor-style tyres. 

Kashimax seat. 

ODI Stu Thomsen signature ODI grips. 

Black/tan pad set.

Signed Stu Thomsen trading card. 

Details to follow. 

Now due July 2020. 

£100 non-refundable deposit secures yours today, call us on 01942 826598.