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SE Racing Landing Gear Forks 1 Inch Threaded Chrome

Brand: SE Bikes

Code: SEBFK001CP020

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Brand: SE Bikes

Back in the 80’s Landing Gear forks weren’t just for PK Rippers and Quadangles - they were a high quality aftermarket fork in their own right and we ran them on Mongooses, Redlines, etc. So if you are after a new fork for your old school bike the 1'" threaded Cr-Mo Landing Gear forks are exactly what you need! Built to look like the classics and strong enough to last a lifetime. Available in 20”, 24” or 26” size. Chrome plated but also available in custom colours from us (please enquire). 

1" threaded Cr-Mo steerer tube

Full Cr-Mo legs

Fork leg ends stamped with SE logo

3/8" (10mm) laser cut dropouts

20" fork with 141mm steerer tube

24" fork with 166mm steerer tube

26" fork with 173mm steerer tube

20": 2lb 5oz

24" 2lb 9oz

26": 2lb 12oz


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