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Shadow Conspiracy BTR 2 SDS Female Cassette Hub Black

Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

Code: HUSH025-BK1-09T

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Brand: Shadow Conspiracy


We can build this hub into a wheel for you for free when you buy all the parts from us:


1. Add Hub to basket.

2. Add rim to basket.

3. Add spokes to basket - select length as “Wheelbuild”.


We will then go a head and build this for you, please allow a few days for assembly. If you need it sooner call us on 01942 826598 band we’ll see what we can do. 


Hub Details

▪  6061 hub body with 2 sealed bearings

▪  14mm nickel chromoly axle with 6mm broach

▪  1pc chromoly driver with 3 sealed bearings

▪  4 pawl driver with individual leaf springs for precise engagement

▪  Switch Drive System

▪  can be set up as LHD or RHD

▪  36H with 9T driver

▪  Weight: 16.8 oz.