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Shadow Conspiracy Penumbra Tripod Mid Series 3 Barraco Seat

Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

Code: SESH052-000-000

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Brand: Shadow Conspiracy

Simone’s unique Aztec inspired seat was such a hit, we decided to redress it in his new favourite colour scheme, army green, just like the Strada Nuova Tyre! Now offered in either Tripod or Pivotal, we wrapped this mid seat in specially sourced, extremely tough, 10 oz. canvas material in a 3 panel sewn construction, providing exceptional tear resistance. Not only does this seat look dope, it functions just as well.

▪  Tripod seat system (also available in Pivotal).
▪  3 Panel, USA sourced, 10 oz. canvas material.
▪  Mid size.
▪  Weight: 9.5 oz. (Tripod) or 11.8 oz. (Pivotal)

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