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Shimano DXR MX70 Front Hub

Brand: Shimano

Code: SHIHU004SL036

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Brand: Shimano

The DXR hub uses angular contact bearings designed to cradle the balls giving both radial and lateral support for superior strength and durability in real world riding conditions; they also offer precision bearing adjustment and easy maintenance.

• The ultimate in reliable and durable front hubs, from the ultimate BMX groupset.

• Double contact sealing shuts out water and mud from bearings to extend service life and maintain smooth operation even in the toughest terrain.

• Steel axle is strong and durable with 100 mm over locknut dimension.

• Ultra-smooth Borozon treatment bearing races provide a low-friction rolling action.

• Anodised aluminium hub shell with a hard-wearing high polished finish.

• 32 or 36 hole drilling.