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Skyway Graphite Tuff Mag Wheels 20 Inch with Fitted Freewheel

Brand: Skyway

Code: SKYWH005GP000

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Brand: Skyway

Back by popular demand. Carbon-fibre composite Tuff Wheels®! Long a favourite of racers, jumpers and freestylers, the Skyway graphite's feature cartridge bearing hubs with threaded 9.5mm axles. The front axle is 9.5mm with 8mm flats to fit to old school forks

Skyway's new Graphites are molded from our proprietary blend of long-strand carbon fibre and nylon. This new blend produces a wheel far stiffer than any composite wheel on the market. Fast, smooth, and reliable; these Tuffs exceed the performance you have come to expect of genuine Skyway Tuff Wheels

These wheels put the power to the ground yet take the abuse of hard landings without having to true your spokes after every ride. This strength and stiffness also allow the use of higher tire pressures than possible with previous composite wheels.


  • Pair of 20" BMX Skyway Mag II graphite BMX wheels.
  • Graphite construction
  • Sealed cartridge bearing hubs
  • Gold anodized Hub body
  • Accepts standard 16T or larger screw-on freewheel - 16t FREWHEEL INCLUDED AND INSTALLED.
  • Designed to fit standard BMX frame and forks.14mm frames/forks will require un-threaded axle adapters.
  • Weight with fastenings: Rear 1285g Front 1265g
  • Rim Width: 36mm.
  • Includes wheel nuts and washers

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