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Skyway Tuff Mag Wheel 20 Inch Front Only Blue

Brand: Skyway


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Brand: Skyway




Skyway's original Tuff Wheel. Fast, smooth, and reliable; these Tuffs exceed the performance you have come to expect of genuine Skyway Tuff Wheels. These wheels put the power to the ground yet take the abuse of hard landings without having to true your spokes after every ride. This strength and stiffness also allow the use of higher tire pressures than possible with previous composite wheels.


• The Original Tuff II Mag front wheel

• 20" Wheel 5 Spoke.

• FIts all Standard 20 x 1.75 or Wider Tyres.

• Nylon Construction.

• Sealed Cartridge Bearing Hubs.

• 3/8" (10 mm) Axle. Long non- flatted front axle supplied, we do sell separately a short front axle with flat required for some old school forks. 

• Weight with Nuts and Washers: Front 1195g.

• Rim Width: 36mm.

• Fit on any Standard BMX forks (14mm requires an adapter, available from us).

• Manufactured in California, U.S.A.


• Avoid black streaks! - order your coloured Kool Stop Pads from us.