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Subrosa Big Bitchin Cranks Matt Black

Brand: Subrosa

Code: CRSB002-BK2-175

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Code: CRSB002-BK2-170

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Code: CRSB002-BK2-165

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Brand: Subrosa

Introducing the larger and tough version of Subrosa’s popular Bitchin cranks called the Big Bitchin’ cranks. These utilise a hollow 22mm, 48 spline spindle with 100% Death Proof postweld heat-treatment on the arms for increased stiffness and strength.
The custom forged Subrosa shape tubing flawlessly wraps around the spindle boss and square design offers stability on crank slides which was a feature the Subrosa team insisted on keeping. They also rounded the front of the spindle boss to reduce ankle damaged and increased the crank arm angle for a wider stance when riding and to easily clear any BMX frame.
They are a 3 piece design for spline drive compatibility - these are available in Spline Drive and regular LHD/RHD versions with sprocket boss.
• Seamless 4130 chromoly with oversized welds.
• 3pc construction.
• Full Deathproof heat treatment after welding.
• 22mm spindle.
• 165mm, 170mm or 175mm.
•  885g

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