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Subrosa Griffin Frame Gloss White

Brand: Subrosa

Code: FRSB030-WH1-2050

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Code: FRSB030-WH1-2075

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Code: FRSB030-WH1-2100

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Brand: Subrosa

Typically, if you get on the Subrosa team you work your way up to this, but when your name is Mark Burnett, we don’t hesitate to get started on your signature parts. His new signature line is debuting with his first signature Subrosa frame dubbed the Griffin. Features on this tech frame include: hydro-formed down tube, CNC shaped BB shell, laser cut seat stay bridge, tapered seat stays and ovalized chain stays

- Mark Burnett Signature Frame

- Sizes: 20.5”, 20.75”, 21”

- 4130 chromoly, double butted top tube and down tube

- Head tube: 75° / 115mm

- Seat tube: 71° / 9.0’’

- Chain stay: 13.3”

- BB: 11.7” / mid

- Weight: 4.9 lbs (21”)

- Colors: ED Black, Gloss White