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Subrosa MR1 Frame Matt Black

Brand: Subrosa

Code: FRSB027-BK3-210

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Code: FRSB027-BK3-207

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Brand: Subrosa

Matt Ray's maiden signature Subrosa Frame! Made to take all of the damage on both ramps and in the street that Matt can handle.

• 4130 Sanko chromoly
• Double butted top tube and downtube
• Toptube: 20.5", 20.75", 21"
• Head tube: Heat Treated with TT and DT gussets / 120mm tall and 75° angle
• Seat tube: 8.75'' tall and 71° angle
• Chain stays: Subrosa wishbone / 13.4' slammed - 13.6'' centred
• BB: MID / 11.5"
• Weight: 2.18kg (20.5")

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